Monthly Charges

$ 100/month—includes

  • Access portal for 3 users—typically a receptionist, a nurse, and a doctor.
  • Webpage for marketing/customer access—This can be on your website using our technology or a page on our site.
  • Full tech support.
  • Unlimited usage.

Additional Users–$ 25/month/user for up to 10.

Contact us for special pricing on larger groups.

Subscriptions can be either monthly or yearly. For monthly subscriptions there is a $ 300 setup fee. This fee is waived for yearly subscribers paying in advance. (i.e., you save $ 300)

Hardware Requirements

A typical doctor’s office will have most if not all of the required hardware. Usually, very little extra is needed, but the minimums follow:

  • Computer—We recommend meeting with the patient using a full desktop or a laptop. The more powerful the PC the better, but the PC needs to have at least mediocre processing power. An old and slow pc will probably provide disappointing results. We recommend all PC’s use a wired connection, but wireless will work in certain conditions. Wireless is hard to control because it is a shared connection and it is hard to control the other users. A consult using real time video is much less forgiving than using email or looking up data in an EMR. These are all reasons we avoid wireless.
  • Mobile devices—work great for notifications, but we don’t recommend them for the consult itself. There is no charge for using them as an extra device, but we tie them to a PC for the actual consult.
  • Audio device—I recommend a stand-alone mic/speaker for a doctor or nurse that is using a closed office/room. A headset works best for a receptionist in an open office setting.
  • Camera—You should provide a good webcam for the typical desktop. Laptops have built-in cameras. These are not expensive.
  • Network—You will need a good consumer grade network connection. Most doctor offices have cable TV and in most cases it will work fine. In some cases it might need an upgrade to a faster connection.

Hardware cost in this environment is typically pretty modest. If your existing hardware causes a problem, fix it; don’t just live with it. The same can be said for much of life.

The Value Proposition

We feel strongly that ConnectUsMed provides a great value and a very logical path to educate your patient population regarding the benefits of telehealth. Our digital patient history and automated referral process sit side by side with our virtual office visit. These two services make the transition to the virtual office visit seamless. Your patients will love it, and happy patients make for a successful and growing practice.

Our virtual office visit replicates an onsite visit. The patient flow is exactly the same. The patient enters your waiting room (actually, a picture of it). After talking to the receptionist and nurse, gets put into your exam room. The doctor does the consult on the doctor’s schedule and not at the exact time the patient calls like you find in most telehealth applications. ConnectUsMed is not appropriate for every appointment, but it is for many. Everyone is a winner. You will love ConnectUsMed as will your patients.

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ConnectUsMed provides great value

Our online patient history and automated referral functions help create an awareness of Virtual Consults.   Why risk loosing patients   to specialty Telehealth vendors.


The flow of a virtual visit replicates an onsite visit.  Everyone wins.


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