What is ConnectUsMed?

ConnectUsMed is a Telehealth service for the small to medium-sized medical practice. It is a communications platform to facilitate secure virtual office visits between patients and their providers. The virtual appointment follows the same flow as an onsite visit and is customized to the practice. It provides for multiple communication methods including video, audio, chat, screen sharing and more. It is very user friendly for both patient and provider.

The primary function of ConnectUsMed is to facilitate virtual office visits, but it is capable of so much more. It can facilitate the creating and updating of a virtual patient history. It also provides a very efficient automated referral procedure for patients needing a referral to a specialist. In addition, the system provides multiple communications channels and functions between the patient and the practice. A logging function archives every step in the process.

ConnectUsMed is easy for both consumer and provider to use and is a convenient and cost effective way for a physician to be able to offer Telehealth solutions to his/her patients.

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Who is ConnectUs Communications?

ConnectUs Communications is the company that created ConnectUsMed. It is a communications company that develops advanced and highly customized unified communications solutions. Learn more about ConnectUs under the About Us tab.

The Future of Healthcare and the Role of Telehealth

The future of healthcare is focused on providing more effective care at a more cost sensitive price.  ConnectUs Communications is located in the United States with a focus on a US customer base.  The US doesn’t have a very good record in this area.  The industry is beginning to promote a Fee-for-Performance model instead of the Fee-for-Service model.  It is a good overall goal, but how does it get implemented?

The staff of ConnectUs thinks that technology is the answer.  Perhaps that is understandable coming from a technology company.  We boil it down into three concepts.  The first is connectivity, the second is convenience and the third is effective.

Let’s start with connectivity.  The world is becoming very connected and cloud based.  Consumers love virtual shopping, virtual banking, etc.  Likewise, connected EMR/EHR systems would prove very useful.  The first step is getting every doctor to use an EMR system (most currently do) and the next step is to get them all connected (we have a long way to go).  Once this happens we can apply AI (artificial intelligence) to the data and push back very useful information in real time to the provider.  The healthcare industry still has a long way to go to achieve this, but it is a noble and very important step.  Baby steps are being made in this direction.

Connected Healthcare

Artificial Intelligence

A noble goal, but not there yet


The second item is convenience.  Healthcare needs to be more patient-focused and convenient.  Don’t worry; it can be done without ignoring the provider.  This is where Telehealth fits in. Telehealth has two components.  The first is monitoring devices and the second is virtual office visits.  Let’s look at monitoring devices.  There are hundreds of them and more coming every day.  They range from connected scales to very sophisticated virtual EKG technology.  They include blood pressure monitors, oximeters, blood glucose monitors and many more.  Some, like the scale I use daily, connect using Wi-Fi to a cloud based dashboard, and in turn to an application on my smartphone.  Some, like my blood pressure monitor, connect via Bluetooth to my smartphone and then to a cloud dashboard.  I can easily provide my doctor access to my health portal.


Offers convenience for the patient

Two Parts

  • Remote Monitoring
  • Virtual Office Visits

When I go to the doctor, the nurse always weights me, takes my blood pressure, and uses an oximeter.  Rather than collecting that information once or twice a year during my regular appointment, it would be a more accurate measure if my doctor could review my weight variance throughout the year

Suppose I were a diabetic and my readings went to a cloud portal, got filtered by an application, and then both the doctor and I got notified if the readings were out of range.  This doesn’t happen in most cases today.  I stress “today” because in the future, it will be the norm.  This has so much potential to change healthcare, at least the way we know it today.

The other component of Telehealth is virtual office visits.  Providers need to make appointments more convenient.  People that are sick should not be discouraged from going to the doctor because it is too inconvenient.  Sick people that don’t get properly treated end up as very sick people and very expensive to treat.  This is the area of Telehealth that ConnectUsMed addresses.

Take me as an example.  I always seem to have way more on my plate than I can possibly do.  I really resist going to the doctor because I am just too busy.  I know that is wrong, but that is still my reality.  I am probably not too different from most of you.  If I could have a virtual appointment without leaving my office, I would jump at the chance.

Virtual office visits are not for every patient and for every sickness, but many times they are appropriate.  In the future we will see more timely and focused appointments that are shorter, cheaper, and more targeted.  They will be more frequent and produce better and cheaper outcomes with happier and healthier patients.  A win-win.

The third item is effective; Telehealth is an excellent tool for more effective healthcare.  Let me provide an example.  I’m home one day and I suddenly feel very sick.  Fortunately, my wife is with me and I explain my symptoms.    We think I am having a stroke.  We panic as we both know that if I am really having a stroke, time is of the essence.  She suggests going to my doctor’s office.  That is a 30 minute drive and the last thing I want to do when I feel awful is to go anywhere.  Wouldn’t it be nice if I could just video into the doctor’s office, be put through to the nurse, and then directly put through to the doctor.  I would feel so much better knowing what my doctor thought.  In 5 minutes I could be put to ease or perhaps be on my way to the hospital.  Telehealth is very effective in emergencies of all types.

Virtual Office Visits provide a convenient choice.


Most people, including me, appreciate the convenience and efficiency of a Virtual Office Visit.


Virtual Consults lead to more timely care with better outcomes.




Telehealth is so effective in an emergency

The fast response was comforting

Much cheaper for all

Better outcome, Great Doctor


How will Telehealth affect the Practitioner? Telehealth is just starting to pick up momentum.  This is true on both the monitoring side and the virtual office visit side.  Virtual office visits are not common today.  They stand at about 1 million a year, but over the next five years are projected to increase to 158 million.  It is coming.  Be ready.

Let me focus on virtual office visits since that is the focus of ConnectUsMed.  There are many forms of these visits.  Perhaps the oldest is two hospitals connecting for consultation and training.  More recently, the focus is on the consumer connecting to a provider for convenience.  The providers work for a Telehealth specialty company that does nothing but Telehealth.  This is particularly attractive for rural patients where distance is a factor, for busy people where time is at a premium, and for companies tired of having their employees miss a day of work because of a doctor’s appointment.

Normally, healthcare licensing is by state, but Telehealth companies have gotten some states to license Telehealth providers across state lines.  If you’re a practitioner, the question is not will this affect me, but when does this affect me?  It will affect you.  If you do nothing, you risk patient erosion to a specialty Telehealth provider offering a more convenient solution.  This is where ConnectUsMed comes in.  We provide a great solution for a practitioner to offer their own Telehealth solution. We enable you to ease into Telehealth in a reasonable and cost efficient manner.

Telehealth expected Growth

158% over the next 5 years

Be ready


Don’t risk loosing your patient population to Specialty Telehealth Providers.  It’s easy to avoid.


Avoid the inevitable patient erosion.  Offer your own alternative.



offers a very practical solution.


Which Waiting Room is Yours?
Empty                                  Full

Don’t ignore your patients desire for convenience.  You could end up with an empty waiting room.

ConnectUsMed is the difference

Why ConnectUsMed is a great and practical choice.

As mentioned in the prior paragraph, the typical practitioner will see an erosion of their patient population unless they offer an alternative Telehealth service.  It will be slow erosion, but erosion nonetheless.  Take a look at online shopping.  It started off slowly, but now is causing stores like JCPenney, Macys, and many others, a major problem.  Now is the time to prepare.  It will happen.  Make this transition a positive rather than a negative.

ConnectUsMed provides an easy and cost effective way to retain your customer base.  Let me walk you through the process.  Let’s say that I convince you to sign up for ConnectUsMed.  After all, ConnectUsMed is easy to use and works well (all true).  You might be expecting your customers to come running to use your new service.  You will be disappointed.  Change just doesn’t happen very fast.  Your staff just doesn’t get it and your patients really don’t get it.  Habit is hard to change.

What you need is a lot of patience.  You need something that educates your staff and patients to the possibility of using virtual office visits and at the same time makes sure the cost doesn’t break the bank.  You need ConnectUsMed.

How do I keep Telehealth Companies from steeling my patients?

You need ConnectUsMed

The conversion to Virtual Consults requires patience. It will not happen overnight.

Habit is hard to change


Let me touch on pricing so you know what I mean.  A small practice with a doctor, nurse, and receptionist will cost $ 100 per month.  All three of these staff will have the ability to video with any patient.  The price also includes a personalized web page hosted by ConnectUs Communications for the patients to initiate their communications.  If you host your own website, we will embed the patient side into your site.  If not, you will place your customized page on our site.  The website plus 3 staff accounts only cost $ 100 per month.  What’s more, you not only get virtual office visits, but some other tools that by themselves are worth the $ 100.

For $ 100 you get

  • User Accounts for 3
  • Webpage for Patient Access
  • Virtual Patient History
  • Automated Referrals
  • Full Tech Support


To further explain, the cost includes the ability for your patients to virtually complete your patient history form (customized to the practice).  They can do so in the comfort of their own home with access to all of their records.  This form is stored (at your location for security) and the patient can access it later to update their information without having to enter it from scratch.  Personally, I would love this.  I hate filling out forms, particularly when my information rarely changes from year to year.

Virtual Patient History

I can create my patient history online from home where I have access to all of my records.

Next year I simply update.  Simple.


Another bonus with this package is an automated referral system.  The patient can use your web page to request a referral to a specialist.  ConnectUsMed automates and keeps track of the complete transaction.  It notifies the referral staff member of the request, emails the patient when the referral is ready, and then allows the patient to download it securely from their home, office or hotel room.  It is a really valuable service.

The patient history and referral process are functions that many patients will want to take advantage of and your staff will like them too.  But their secondary value (and maybe even more important) is in educating both the staff and the patient that your practice can and is ready to offer virtual office appointments.  ConnectUsMed provides a subtle way to educate your patients to use your new service.  It will take time, but this is the way for you to make Telehealth a viable tool.  Once they try it, they will love it.

I can get my referral online–the very same day


Online patient history and referrals provide instant value, but long term, the real value is in educating your patient regarding virtual consults.


Patients Love it.


Allow me to add a few more thoughts.  The original Telehealth consults were audio only.  Audio is limiting.  ConnectUsMed provides full video, audio, chat, screen sharing and more.  One of the key reasons to use video is the trust factor.  Video adds an element of trust that audio can’t provide.  The doctor-patient relationship is built on trust.  Video is important.

ConnectUsMed includes Video

Video promotes Trust–essential for a good doctor-patient relationship


I don’t think most doctors will like the typical Telehealth platform.  Let me explain.  The patient calls you on the telephone or on a video.  If you are not available, you miss the call.  Basically, the normal call flow is not how a doctor is used to working.  With ConnectUsMed the call flow is exactly the same as an onsite visit.  The patient walks into your waiting room (Yes, we customize it to your waiting room).  The receptionist is alerted and initiates the opening video.  The patient then returns to the waiting room or is sent to the patient history.  The nurse is alerted when the patient enters the waiting room.  The nurse initiates the call.  After the nurse finishes her triage the patient is placed into your exam room and the doctor is alerted.  Finally, the doctor videos with the patient before dismissing him/her.   The call flow is familiar to both the staff and the patient making for a very easy transition.  You will love this feature.

ConnectUsMed includes training and tech support.  It is so easy you might not ever need it, but truthfully, you probably will. You can also take advantage of our extensive knowledge of video conferencing.  We have been doing this a long time.

ConnectUsMed also provides a complete set of logs if you ever need to track something.  For example, someone says they didn’t receive their referral.  You can see exactly who did what and when.

ConnectUsMed can also be integrated into your EMR.  For example, the patient history could flow directly into the EMR.  Since it is in electronic format the EMR could use the information more effectively  than simply providing a picture of it as is typically done today.

You will love ConnectUsMed.  Click the link below to Contact us to get started or for more information.

Contact Us


The Call Flow in ConnectUsMed is exactly like an online visit. It is so natural.  You will love this

We offer you our extensive experience in video conferencing.

Do you employ a Klutz?  Our extensive logs might help.

Patient History to EMR interface.

Let’s get started